Sunday, 5 May 2013

We want to see your fashion faux pas or your fashionista success. In particular concentrate on your earliest 'fashion or not' style.
On this challenge journaling is important use your photo to show us, but your words to tell us. Use any kit you would want, make sure part of it is from DSS, but let us see you as you were. Please remember to credit the supplies in your gallery especially the DSS supplies
Of course I am hosting it so I will participate, to inspire bravery in all of you.
Put your layout in the gallery and a link in this thread and do your best. You could be published in our challenges or gallery walk newsletters. Your goal (if you accept this mission) is the completion and posting in the gallery with a listing and link here, and on completion collection of a voucher for $5.00 for my store. Good Luck

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