Monday, 15 July 2013

DigiScrapStation • View topic - July Decorate your desktop Challenge

DigiScrapStation • View topic - July Decorate your desktop Challenge

Desktop Challenge at DSS

Have some fun and play the desk top challenge hosted by Dana from DigiScrapStation.  Dana supplies the template, even shows you what your screen resolution is so you can fit it to your own desktop, all you have to do is make it your own as I have done above.  I used my new kit Letters and Notes to come up with this as adorning my desktop right now.
I really enjoy doing these challenges as it changes my desktop each month, It is great to go with the theme in your life of the moment.  I have just had 4 new chickens, after a couple of years of having no chickens (as the fox had them the first time, then I hatched 4 cockerels no hens) I got myself 4 Bluebelles, these are egg laying hybrids they are very pretty and friendly. At last after all this time of shop bought eggs it is so great to go and get a fresh egg from each of them each day. they are fun to watch and good company, they follow you round like little puppies.  Anyhow the photo in the desktop theme is one of them 'Proud Cis' or Cissy I call her.  She stands tall and regal and queens it over the other 3.
I digress, anyway get over to DSS for some amazing challenges, get to know us, join in, if you design come and join us as a designer...have fun anyway.

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