Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Well I have been wondering whether or not I am able to continue blogging. I have left the decision until I felt sure.  As I am sure you must know, digiScrapStation closed down.  The digital scrapbook market has really run its course. Like with so many other business things in life go, the growth was unsustainable as the freebie sites spring up overnight, really damaging the market.  These sites may have kindness in mind, but to be honest they do no kindness to those who were trying to earn from home.
 I made freebies available myself, so I know the draw to offer them. The hopes that a freebie will bring business our way, proves to be detrimental. In reality customers get wise to the amount on offer and sites set up to collate the information on where to get the freebies it has spelt disaster to the market.  Because of the nature of the digital graphic market and the lack of respect for copyright, things have gone from bad to worse.  I hope that digital scrap booking will remain and we can enjoy what is a pleasant way to display our fondest memories

I am still selling via Crafts U Print, Card Making Downloads and associated sites, and hope to offer previews of my goodies along with tutorials of different crafts and projects.  Hope to see you around

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